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Medication, Food, and Supplies ONLINE

Our practice now offers a portal for you to request, pay for, and receive your pet’s prescription and non-prescription medication, food, and supplies. We will authorize your prescriptions with refills as appropriate. Flea/tick and parasite products like Advantage and Trifexis and Interceptor are available. You can even order prescription diets to be delivered to your door, saving gas and time. While we always like to see you when you stop in, we understand those precious hours in a day are often too few. Click on the Shop our Online Store button above to get started.

Special Medications

In certain cases your pet may need a specially prepared formulation of medication not readily available. An example would be special eye drops for dry-eye syndrome, or thyroid medication for your cat who won’t take pills no matter what you do… We often work with compounding pharmacies to compound your pet’s medication into a more pet- and owner- friendly form. Our Online Store can provide formulated medications, as well as RoadRunner PharmacyDiamondback Pharmacy, and Pine Pharmacy .


 Other On Line Pharmacies

If you would like to order your pet’s medicine through a different online pharmacy, we will be happy to provide you with an official NYS prescription which you can then submit to the pharmacy of your choice. We cannot respond to requests from the online pharmacies on your behalf, so please ask for a written prescription so that you can make your own arrangements with the pharmacy. Make sure you allow enough time for the pharmacy to receive the prescription and to send your medication. We make no guarantee of the products purchased through online pharmacies, so please do your own research as to the authenticity and source of any medication purchased online.